Friday, March 1, 2019

The Brechet Inn is a majestic, three-story home built in 1899, by a
Glencoe merchant who told his fiancé he would build her a castle.

The large mansion-style home captivates you as you step
onto it's spacious front porch and enter through the front door.

The impressive two-story stone foundation, intricate parquet flooring,
massive oak woodwork, stain glass windows and sometimes a fire in the
fireplace, all create an atmosphere boasting grandeur and style.

Step back in time and experience this royal retreat.
Our grand suites create for you a relaxing atmosphere
for an evening of escape, from your everyday life.

We also have a Guest House

Get away and enjoy your visit while staying in one of our grand suites.

Our NEWSLETTER guides you to some area happenings.

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Our Guest House is available

Brechet Inn Bed & Breakfast - Glencoe, MN
A Place to Stay instead of the Hotel/Motel for Lodging

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